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What’s up everybody!

Everything is going really well in South Bend to start the season. It’s been a blast to be traveling with the South Bend Cubs doing road games again, and by all accounts we are fully back to normal. Of course during my travels though, I’m keeping a keen eye on what’s happening back in Indy.

I’ll see all of you later this month for The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

Throughout games played in Davenport, Iowa this past week, I closely followed on what the Colts did in the 2022 NFL Draft. For the most part, I’m a fan of what Chris Ballard did. He attacked the major needs of this team head-on, and 2022 Training Camp is going to fun to watch.

There’s still something that has me concerned. The Wide Receiver room. Not from a leadership standpoint either. Reggie Wayne is going to do great things in there, and the young guys will benefit from the wisdom that he passes along.

Even with the selection of a guy like Alec Pierce, as big of a stud as he is, the Colts don’t have enough downfield weapons for Matt Ryan.

We keep on hearing that Nyheim Hines is ready to take a major jump in 2022-23 as more than a running back, but I’ll believe that when I see it. Too many times we saw #21 on the sidelines when other guys were getting looks in the slot.

When you take a peek at other teams in the NFL, for example, the Los Angeles Rams. Look at how they ended the season a year ago. You could make an argument that if there was a healthy Robert Woods on that roster, then Odell Beckham Jr. was their number-4 wide receiver; Meaning Van Jefferson would have been number-5. Ridiculous.

Obviously, that’s a rare case of talent just packing a roster. But all across the league nowadays, you’re seeing teams with three or four serious options that can give you a monstrous play at anytime. Pierce is talented, but he’s going to go through some growing pains. If he doesn’t, God bless the Colts because they might have themselves another Reggie Wayne waiting in the wings.

Ballard didn’t do enough to help the wide receiver room. Last year, they had no problem with drafting two pass rushers, and one of them wasn’t even healthy. They needed one more wide receiver weapon. I understand what they drafted in the tight end position, trust me. But it’s not the same.

When someone like David Bell is sitting on the board for as long as he did, I was sitting in my hotel room screaming at the TV so the Colts would trade up. Then they did… and drafted a safety.

The Colts will regret not selecting Bell.

It would’ve not only been a home run hometown story, but a grand slam type of move. Bell landing in Indy would have given Ryan three legit options, plus someone like Dezmon Patmon or Mike Strachan.

Let’s hope Bell to the Browns doesn’t come back to bite us here.

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