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We’ve all seen that couple.  Maybe some of us have even been that couple.  The one where things are rocky at best and despite trying to put on a brave face in public or amongst friends everybody knows it’s not working out.

“We’re working through it.”

That’s what General Manager Chris Ballard said in response to quarterback Carson Wentz’s future with the Colts during Tuesday’s press conference.  The “working through it” phase of any relationship means at the very least that one side has hurt feelings and at worst means this thing is going to reach the inevitable end sooner than later.  It sure seems like Wentz and the Colts are headed for the latter and likely before mid-March when his roster bonus kicks in.

If and when the divorce occurs and how messy it becomes is anyone’s guess.  There will be the inevitable finger pointing, the he said-they said, the hurt feelings, the picking of sides.  It’s not fun but it may be necessary.  The alternative is holding on to Wentz for the 2022 season, hanging on to a relationship that you know is already strained but yet giving it one last college try for the sake of not wanting to call it quits.  That could be worse than tearing the Band-Aid off right now.

On Wednesday’s edition of Kevin & Query, the guys were joined by NBC Sports’ and Football Morning in America scribe Peter King to get his thoughts on the Carson Wentz situation from a national perspective and unsurprisingly, he saw the same warning sides those close to the Colts see.

There’s been too much smoke to think there’s nothing there. They could have come out and said “he’s our guy,” but it didn’t happen.  So, either they don’t know what they’re going to do with him or they’re trying to keep his market up so someone will come and trade with them before March 19. – NBC Sports’ Peter King on Carson Wentz’s future with the Colts

So what will the Colts do?  It’s anyone’s guess but they sure didn’t give Wentz a vote of confidence on Tuesday.  If anything, he may want to start seeing what resale values on homes in the Indianapolis ‘burbs are going for.  The clock is ticking for the Colts to make a decision with March 19 fast approaching.  We’ll see what their decision is, but if we’re judging them by the words they said on Tuesday, it seems like the writing is on the wall.


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