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Let’s think back to January.

First of all, that feels like forever ago. Secondly, the first thing that comes to mind is what could have been for the Indianapolis Colts.

Philip Rivers was leading a group through a hell of a late season push to the postseason. Drawing the Buffalo Bills didn’t help, but the Colts went to Buffalo and not only competed to win, but should have won. Frank Reich mentioned earlier this week that there are five or so plays that are burned in his memory that could have significantly assisted the Colts in winning that game.

The one that is probably on the mind of most Colts fans is Michael Pittman Jr. in the end zone lunging and diving towards a lofted pass from Rivers that dropped.

But when you look at the full box score, there are some other question marks. Specifically DeForest Buckner.

Two tackles.

That’s what Buckner finished with on January 9. Simply put, that can’t happen again on Sunday. The expectation though should be higher and it will be. Buckner continues to show why he is a beast in the trenches.

When asked what to expect from Buffalo, Carson Wentz said earlier this week that the tape he watched from the hospital while his baby girl was being born into the world was not much different from the last time he saw the Bills in 2019.

Josh Allen is elusive, but he’s not unbeatable. Ask the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Buckner should approach Week 11 as a pure game wrecker. Make life as difficult as possible on that offensive line. The Bills are fifth in the league in fumbles. (To note, the Colts are second. Yikes.) Anyway, when Buffalo chooses not to use Allen’s bazooka arm, don’t give them any easy yards what-so-ever.

Heads up for #99, because he doesn’t forget what happened in early January.

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