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The bright lights are on again around the Hoosier State.

Mackey, Hinkle, Assembly, Purcell. You name it, we are rolling again. Welcome back College Basketball.

The five month wait for hoops to return around here was a little different for all of us than past years right?

We went from 100-0 real quick after the March that we had. From games every single day, one after another, nonstop for a good two or three weeks, then to nothing, that was like coming down from the biggest sugar high ever.

What are the expectations though? Tough to tell.

Obviously it all starts with the number seven team in the nation. The Purdue Boilermakers are going to be a problem for many Big Ten souls. But Matt Painter told Dan Dakich earlier last week that he doesn’t think the Boilers are a good defensive team yet.

Trust me Coach, when you have two seven-footers, I think you’ll be alright.

Mike Woodson’s Indiana Hoosiers are certainly a work in progress, but now there’s some excitement in Bloomington again. The excitement doesn’t really include hearing Woodson talk, but on the floor, totally different story.

Can Trayce Jackson-Davis turn himself into a multi-time All-American? Let’s see if Woody can develop that 15-foot jump shot.

The Butler Bulldogs are young. But they’re also old. LaVall Jordan’s team doesn’t have many defined roles yet.

Aaron Thompson is the heartbeat of that team. But what can Eastern Michigan transfer Ty Groce add to the fold? Will Bo Hodges finally show Hinkle what he is made of if he can stay healthy? Will Perry Meridian’s Jayden Taylor make a run at Big East Freshman of the Year?

Compared to what we saw last year with all of the COVID issues, the Bulldogs have an opportunity to be great. It’s what they do with that opportunity that will determine their future.

Personally, I plan to have a good three or four screens going for games for the next six or so months. It’s the best time of year.

Let’s boogie.

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