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A little over a month ago many people reacted to the Colts 7th round draft pick, Michael Strachan, as just another 7th round draft pick. (or didn’t react at all)

As expected the 7th round in the NFL Draft or even day 3 of the NFL Draft is when viewer ratings start to go down. Eyes leave the drafting board and players are not recognized till they step on the field with the opportunity to prove themselves.

Strachan got the privilege of being that hidden gem for the Colts. He was a D2 player at the University of Charleston and didn’t get to play a 2020 football season due to the pandemic. A year off of playing would hurt anyones draft stock.

Normally out of 7th round guys you see a lot of effort and heart but their physical attributes keep them from taking the next step into becoming a great player in the NFL. With Strachan being 6’5″ & 226 lbs we can say that wasn’t the case here.

Fun Fact: According to SBNation, wide receivers drafted in the 7th round of the NFL draft have a 5% success rate in the NFL.

Colts Training Camp has been a blessing for Michael Strachan. Not only has Strachan came in and shown some effort and heart, he has also shown some blood, sweat, and tears by doing everything he can to show how big of a factor he could be for this Indianapolis team.

What has Strachan done that has really stuck out? BIG. PLAYS. as in multiple one-handed grabs in the endzone over Colt’s #1 cornerback Xavier Rhodes. Take a look.

Zak Keefer of The Athletic jumped on The Fan Morning Show this morning with Kevin Bowen and Joe Staysniak and when asked what he thinks of what he has seen of Strachan while out at Training Camp he said,

“He’s on this team as of right now. He’s been terrific.”

Strachan has been proving his game as a large red zone receiver to target for the Colts. It will be interesting to see if the Colts go to him the first chance they get in the red zone at this Sunday’s game vs the Carolina Panthers.

Michael Strachan is letting you know that you missed out on such a player being born into the franchise, BUT, is willing to let you be a part of the ride into the Colts 53 man roster!

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