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Stick with Brissett? Trade for a quarterback? Draft a quarterback? All of the above? 

There is a lot of options that Chris Ballard could choose when it comes to quarterback this offseason. 

That’s what has, and will continue to, occupy our discussion surrounding the Colts until more clarity is provided at the future of the position. 

JMV talked about a lot of those options on Thursday. 

“When someone mentions the quarterback situation presently here, this is the most often given answer, at least the ones that I receive – “JMV, if the Colts don’t make a move for a quarterback this offseason fans will go bat-s crazy.’ Now, make a move in what capacity? This is what you gotta tell me. Do it in the free agency route, or make a trade?”

He and the fans are right in saying that something, anything, has to happen at the position this offseason. 

No one wants to see this team go into the 2020 season with Jacoby Brissett as the starter, Brian Hoyer as the backup, and Chad Kelly looming on the practice squad. 

They may want to keep seeing Kelly, but another name(s) has to be brought in before July. 

Who could it be? 

“I mean right now if you sign a free agent quarterback that’s not named Teddy Bridgewater and it is a short-termer.”

A lot has been made the last week about the possibility of a Philip Rivers to Indy connection. 

But like JMV said, if it’s Rivers or Brady, that’s the ultimate band-aid to slap on the position. 

“What if they keep Brissett like I’ve said they’re going to, and then they just draft somebody? Will that keep the fans from going bat-s crazy?” JMV asked. 

That would definitely be better than just sticking with Brissett. It’s the option that Colts fans probably consider most likely, but what if they brought in a good free agent quarterback? 

What if he was one that could still keep them in playoff contention while also grooming the future QB? That sounds best. 

“I would tend to agree with this: free agent quarterback, draft somebody, win now, win better, give yourself more of an opportunity now, and build for the future.”

Sign a good free agent. Draft your quarterback of the future. Cut or trade Brissett. Compete in 2020. Win with the future later. 

Sounds like a win-win to me. 

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