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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.–When a head football coach gets coronavirus, coaching the team on game day is not allowed. Purdue University’s head football coach Jeff Brohm said Monday morning that he has tested positive with both the rapid antigen test, administered Sunday, and with the PCR test to confirm.

But, Saturday’s game against Iowa will go on. No student-athletes have tested positive, said Purdue Athletic Director Mike Bobinski.

“We also feel really confident in our approach on a daily basis as to how we’re trying to be safe,” said Bobinski. Daily testing began, in accordance with the Big Ten policy, on Sept. 30. No one involved with the program but Brohm, had tested positive as of Monday morning.

“There’s no guarantee that will be the season-long condition. But, that’s our current condition and we’re hopeful that we stay there,” said Bobinski.

Brohm said he plans to continue making calls this week remotely, but said he will not be on the sidelines to coach Saturday’s game against Iowa, in West Lafayette.

“When it comes to game time, (assistant coach) Brian Brohm will handle the game-time decisions and will be the acting coach that day if I were not able to be there with the team,” said Brohm.

Bobinski said the priority for the school and the program is the health of Brohm and anyone who catches the virus. Brohm said that his priority is still to make sure that the Boiler Makers are well-practiced and ready to play.

“Every week is gonna be different,” he said. “Things will come up for our team and other teams throughout the season. You’ve got to adapt to it and move forward.”


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