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The top 30 uniforms in the history of the NBA? That’s pretty impressive. 

Number 21, though? Seems a little low for such beautiful threads. 

Sports Illustrated released a list on Wednesday of their top 30, and here’s what they had to say about the classic Pacers getups:

“The jerseys had sharp edges and lines, were asymmetrical with a splash of color that ran from under the armpit all the way down the shorts and also introduced a v-neck collar, longer shorts and a stretchier fabric, all new concepts to NBA jerseys. The jerseys were a hit, and saw a lot of action in the 90s, taking two trips to the Eastern Conference finals and being most famously on display during Reggie Miller’s legendary eight-points-in-nine-seconds performance.

After 18 years in the rafters, the uniforms made a comeback in 2015 as Indiana’s hardwood classic choice, to the delight of Pacers fans everywhere. This jersey checks all the boxes, and a few that no other jersey can. Concept by an intern, design by a gold medal winner? Tough to beat.”

Crazy to think about how they only wore them for 7 years. And they wore the dull Danny Granger uniforms for 12?!?! What a shame. 

I wonder how we would have remembered the Flo-Jo’s if some of our most memorable moments hadn’t happened in them? 

Even if the Pacers wouldn’t have been any good through the entirety of the era, it’s still a really clean look. It just really helps to close your eyes and when you think of the Pacers, you immediately think of Reggie Miller and co. in MSG wearing…the Flo-Jo’s. 

Once the Hickory editions run out of gas (if they ever do), I would love to see the Flo-Jo return in regular rotation for the Pacers. 

Or at least be a city jersey