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INDIANAPOLIS – The Colts (8-6) enter Week 16 still needing a bit of help before they completely control their own playoff fate in the final two weeks of the regular season.

With a loss by either the Steelers (8-5-1) or Ravens (8-6), the Colts will then be in playoff control with wins of their own over the Giants (5-9) and the Titans (8-6).

That’s how things look in the Wild Card race for the Colts, as they are still outside of the playoff picture based off losing a conference record tiebreaker to the Ravens.

In the division, the Texans (10-4) can clinch the AFC South with a road win over either the Eagles (7-7) or at home versus the Jaguars (4-10).

It’s looking more and more like the Colts and Titans could be facing a ‘win and you’re in’ scenario when the season finale arrives a week from Sunday.

Here are the remaining schedules for teams in the playoff mix with the Colts:

Steelers (8-5-1): at Saints (12-2), Bengals (6-8)

-Well, the New England Patriots didn’t do their part in helping the Colts on Sunday afternoon. Pittsburgh’s win keeps them atop the AFC North, but one loss and they are in the middle of the final Wild Card race. A Pittsburgh loss in New Orleans on Sunday would mean the Colts control their own playoff fate with two wins to end the season.

-Ravens (8-6): at Chargers (11-3), Browns (6-7-1)

-Just like the Steelers, one loss by the Ravens would give the Colts what they need with two wins by Indy to end the year. It’s a Saturday night contest for the Ravens in Week 16, having to travel across the country on a short week.

Colts (8-6): Giants (5-9), at Titans (8-6)

-The Giants were shutout by the Titans in Week 15. The health of Odell Beckham Jr., who has missed the last two weeks, will be something to watch this week for the Colts.

Titans (8-6): Washington Football Team (7-7), Colts (8-6)

-Since getting blown out by the Colts and Texans last month, the Titans have won 3 straight games and are back in a nice position, similar to their fellow AFC South foe.

Dolphins (7-7): Jags (4-10), at Bills (5-9)                                                                                          

-Miami suffered a big loss on Sunday in Minnesota. The Dolphins will need tons of help in the final two weeks of the season to be a playoff team.


Current AFC Playoff Picture

1. Chiefs (11-3)

2. Texans (10-4)

3. Patriots (9-5)

4. Steelers (8-5-1)

5. Chargers (11-3)

6. Ravens (8-6)


Key Week 16 Games

-Titans at Washington Football Team (Saturday, 4:30 PM)

-Ravens at Chargers (Saturday, 8:20 PM)

-Texans at Eagles (Sunday, 1:00 PM)

-Steelers at Saints (Sunday, 4:25 PM)

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