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Many college basketball players have the opportunity to try out for the NBA summer leagues or go to Europe after graduating from college, if they don’t make it the NBA.  Ryan Cline has decided to go another route and give up the game of basketball for good and lead a normal life after recently graduating from Purdue University.  The former Carmel High School star joins the show to talk to Jeff and Big Joe about how and why he made this decision.

Where are you now planning on taking your talents?

“As of right now I’m taking my talents to orthopedic sales.  Not going to Europe.  I have officially decided to stop playing basketball.  To be honest it was mostly about my body and didn’t feel I could do it for another year or two so I just thought it was the mature decision to kind of go into the working world where my name is still kind of out there.”

Does it feel easier to end your basketball career on such a high note on your run in March Madness this season?

“Oh absolutely, obviously losing to the national champions in Virginia.  I mean in a sense I felt they were god’s team to win.  Obviously we had a lot of chances to win the game, but still it was so much fun.  It was something I am never going to forget and something I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

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