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Hope is not lost. The season will still be played. The story has not been written yet. 

“The night is darkest just before the dawn” – Harvey Dent – Andy Benoit of Sports Illustrated? 

Benoit made his 2019 NFL season predictions on Tuesday, and he still has a lot of belief in the Colts – yes, even without Andrew Luck. 

  • “Entering the summer, I loved the Colts. They were bringing back almost everyone from a 2018 squad that won 10 of its final 12 games. ut then Andrew Luck’s mysterious ankle injury became a concern. And then the ankle, from our football perspective, became moot, as one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks walked away from the game. I am high on Jacoby Brissettand still see big things for the Colts this season, as the rest of the AFC heavyweights have questions.”

He then goes on to make the prediction that: 

  1. The Colts will still win the AFC South at 10-6
  2. They’ll beat the Pittsburgh Steelers (5) at home in the wild card round. 
  3. Then they’ll go TO ARROWHEAD and upset the 2nd-seeded Chiefs in the Divisional round for some revenge from 2018. 
  4. Finally, and we’ve all seen this story too often, they’ll lose yet again to Tom Brady in Foxboro. 

Honestly, this isn’t that far-fetched. 

The Colts home schedule should allow them to at best go 8-0 and at worst go 6-2. They still have road games against teams like Tampa Bay and everyone in their division. 

Pittsburgh has some big questions to answer on both sides of the ball, play in a tough division, and trust me, are usually bummers in a road environment. Then we’ve seen the high-powered offensive team who comes off a bye rusty get beat how many times in recent playoff history?

We’ve said it time and time again – if there is one guy you want steering your ship with a backup QB, it’s Frank Reich. He was that. He helped coach that to a Super Bowl two years ago. It’s possible. 

Is it likely? Certainly not as much as it would have been with a healthy Andrew Luck. 

Is it possible it could happen? 


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