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Sports Agent Buddy Baker the President/CEO of Exclusive Sports Group, takes a look at contract possibilities for Andrew Luck. 


“…this didn’t hurt the Colts…in terms of salary cap money?”

” No…the cap number’s gonna be what it was and you’re gonna add the nine plus million…so you would’ve taken what his current cap number is now and you would allocate it. So if they would’ve put him on IR, for the year, that money would have all counted against the cap and wouldn’t have affected anything for next year or future years…I thiink that Andrew Luck wanted to do the right thing and I think they wanted to figure out a way that nobody could turn around and potentially do the wrong thing…but I really think there was benevolent reasons behind it all the way around.” 


“…you think this was benevolent?” 

“…I’m not here to defend or ctiticize, because I don’t know all the facts and I think part of the thing that everyone says is tell us all the facts, but some things I think are probably personal by nature and it’s tough when you’re playing in the public spotlight…when you want to do the right thing…and I think knowing Andrew, having spent some time with him – and clients like Jack Doyle who are very close with him – I think he’s a really good person, that really wants to do the right thing…and I think…this is what he felt was the right thing…not just for him, but all the way around.”


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