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The year is 2020. Flying cars are not yet mainstream, neither is time travel. Bob Knight returned to Assembly Hall last weekend. The Cubs have gone 3+ years without a World Series title. Slackers, I know. Never seen a longer drought in my life.


And mobile sports wagering is legal in the state of Indiana. Not only can you throw down some cash on your favorite team in the flesh; you can now do it virtually. On your smartphone. While you’re drinking. At a bar or on your couch. Brilliant stuff. Also dangerous.

Point #1: It’s very easy to bet while you’re drinking.

A swipe, a tap, a scroll, and another three taps are between you and the +1.5 Purple Eagles of Niagara. Do yourself a favor and resist the urge. You should never fund a sports betting account with money you can’t afford to lose in the first place, but don’t compound the issue. Beer in hand or not, sportsbooks certainly don’t mind you placing a few wagers having done little to no research. It’s so easy to get in on the action. Talk about the proverbial double-edged sword…

Lecture over, now on to the good stuff.

Point #2: Don’t set up your sports betting account via the app.

FanDuel. BetRivers. DraftKings. They all have apps, and there are many more to come. But don’t start an account on your phone. Take the time to get on a computer and register. That way you won’t be left wondering where your deposit bonus went. Apps are convenient, but I find that the websites for all three sportsbooks listed above are a bit more reliable.

Point #3: Mobile wagering is GREAT for live betting.

If you’re watching a game and have a good sense of the way it’s heading, placing a bet on your phone is the way to go. It’s quicker and easier, since most applications keep track of your most common wager denominations. No need to type out “$50.00”. There’s a button for that.

Point #4: Don’t hit the wrong button. 

Tremendous segway. Realize common convention is Spread/Total/Moneyline listed from left to right on your screen if you’re having trouble reading that tiny text. Apps have the same feel as their sister websites, but layouts vary. Watch what you’re doing!

Point #5: Not ALL bets are offered on the app.

From personal experience, player prop bets are not always accessible. Odds boosts can be difficult to locate on an app as well. These are often found under “Promotions” or a similar tab. Never give up your search for a better payout.

Point #6: There’s no need to download third party geolocation technology.

Thanks to “the Cloud” and corporate America spying on you, sports betting apps know exactly where you are at all times. You have to download geolocation software for your laptop. but mobile wagering takes care of itself in this department.


So what are you waiting for? Get your cell phone and go bet those Purple Eagles to cover. Jason Kipnis is doing it. Just don’t neglect injuries, trends, offensive and defensive efficiencies…


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