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Jeff Rabjohns of joins The Ride with JMV to discuss IU basketball and Ed Schilling leaving the team. Jeff begins by talking about Ed Schilling and his departure from being the assistant coach for IU basketball. Jeff also talks to JMV about recruiting for IU and what sort of kids IU needs to get to be successful.

“On Ed Schilling:Is that basically it, he just wanted to bail or is there more to that story Jeff?”

“Well anytime you have coaching changes, assistant coaching changes especially, there is usually a variety of viewpoints. I think that’s probably true here. I don’t know if I would say he decided to bail. I don’t know if that is right. I can’t sit here and say with certainty that Archie Miller thought this or Ed Schilling thought that but there is usually a variety of viewpoints. I’m sure as time passes we will hear more. I think the big thing for IU is, um, as they look at their staff, especially with key recruiting times coming up, I think the big thing is to bring in somebody who can really be a significant impact on the recruiting trail. Whoever you hire, I think it’s got to be somebody who can go recruit.”

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