Back home again in Indiana. The words are simple, yet their meaning is deep. Every year, the Greatest Spectacle in Racing is preceded by the greatest fans in racing singing the greatest song in racing. 300,000 strong, each harmony unique, some slurred (you know why). But that won’t happen this year, at least not in […]

Even if you missed the final episodes of ‘The Last Dance’, you’ve probably seen an image of Kathy Martin Harrison, aka ‘Screaming Pacers Lady’, somewhere on social media: Where is the “In-your-f@&$%^g-face” lady now? Someone please do that story. — Rob Demovsky (@RobDemovsky) May 18, 2020 Harrison is drawing even more online attention […]

Well, ‘The Last Dance’ lived up to the hype. ESPN’s Chicago Bulls docuseries took us on an extraordinary journey through the 1998 NBA playoffs from the perspectives of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and for approximately six seconds, Kathy Martin Harrison. Affectionately nicknamed ‘Screaming Pacers Lady’, Harrison was featured in Episode 9 prior to Game 3 […]

Photo courtesy of Andy Lyons | Getty Images FOX59/CBS4’s Mike Chappell takes a look at the Colts 2-year deal with Jacoby Brissett & 3-year deal with back-up Brian Hoyer. Later, Chappy turns his eye toward the season opener with the Los Angeles Chargers. “Chappy, do you like the move…basically the 1-year extension with some money for […]

  photo courtesy Aaron J. Thornton | Getty Images Pardon My Take & Barstool Sport’s Big Cat throws down with Dan Dakich over the Andrew Luck retirement. Listen up and hear how two people can disagree, take jabs at one another and still be friends – like REAL MEN!   “I just never want to […]

Photo courtesy of Joey Foley | Getty Images Friend of the show Pat McAfee talks to Dan Dakich about moving on from the Andrew Luck saga, Jacoby Brissett taking the helm, Indiana sports gambling & his debut as a color analyst on ESPN Thursday Night College Football. Is it time to quit talking about Andrew Luck? […]

  photo courtesy George Gojkovich | Getty Images Former Colt great Barry Krauss discusses his initial and delayed reactions to Andrew Luck’s retirement, Jacoby Brissett taking over the helm & his favorite side of the ball – defense.   ” You came out after Luck pretty good…what are your thoughts now after thinking about it […]

photo courtesy Justin Casterline | Getty Images  Sports Agent Buddy Baker the President/CEO of Exclusive Sports Group, takes a look at contract possibilities for Andrew Luck.    “…this didn’t hurt the Colts…in terms of salary cap money?” ” No…the cap number’s gonna be what it was and you’re gonna add the nine plus million…so you would’ve taken […]

photo courtesy of Michael Hickey | Getty Images Michael McMann is the director of the Sports and Entertainment Law Institute at the University of New Hampshire School of Law and a contributor to Sports Illustrated. McCann discusses whether Colts fans have legal recourse for refunds on Indianapolis Colts season tickets. He also talks about Luck’s […]

Photo courtesy of Justin Casterline | Getty Images   FOX59/CBS4’s Mike Chappell discusses player reaction to Andrew Luck’s retirement. Also, did Luck and/or the Colts lie about his injuries – and when did they know he would retire?   “What did you think of this whole Luck thing…Luck’s retirement?”  “I’d be lying if I said I […]