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Get To Know: Will Power Will Power marches to the beat of his own drum. Quite literally. One of the most precise drivers of his era, the veteran of 15 Indianapolis 500s decompresses by unleashing fury on his percussions. Like this year’s REV party. As socialites mingled and reveled near the yard of bricks, the […]

Get TO Know: Scott Dixon Scott Dixon’s ankle may have been bruised, but I’ll be damned if his confidence was. It would have been excused if the driver known as “The Iceman” had suddenly cooled on his belief in himself as a driver. After all, 5 years ago, Scott Dixon saw only blue sky as […]

Get To Know: Devlin DeFrancesco At 5’5” and 130 pounds, Devlin DeFrancesco knows he isn’t exactly physically imposing. He’s just fine with that. The old saying goes, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” For the first four months of the year 2000, […]

Get To Know: Rinus Veekay Rinus Veekay is used to moving forward. Take, for example, the 2021 GMR Grand Prix on the IMS road course. In his 2nd IndyCar season with Ed Carpenter Racing, the young Dutchman started 7th, and finished 6 spots higher for his first career IndyCar victory. His friends call him “Sinur”. […]

Get To Know: Santino Ferrucci Finish better than where you started. It seems like it could be the official motto of Santino Ferrucci. It’s not where the journey began. It’s the direction you decide to take it. Perhaps that’s how he ended up in IndyCar. He began his career as a promising karter near his […]

Get To Know: Takuma Sato He may see it when he makes the drive from Carmel. There, just off the interstate, perhaps Takuma Sato sees his past, while on the way to his present. A bicycle track. The Major Taylor Velodrome, is right on the path. Right there for the Tokyo native to see as […]

Get To Know: Callum Ilott When 24 year old Callum Ilott decided to spend his 2022 season racing IndyCar, he said he was off to pursue the “American Dream.” In 2001, Ricardo Juncos left Argentina with $400 in a backpack, intent on someday owning his own racing team. He arrived in Miami, started working as […]

Helio Castroneves Before they were waltzing to a “Dancing with the Stars” crown on ABC, Helio Castroneves’ feet were traipsing through the “red foot” clays of Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. It was there, in a city the size of Indianapolis on the edge of the Brazilian sugar cane fields, that he fell in love with racing. […]

Get To Know: Marcus Ericsson It stands to figure Marcus Ericsson enjoys a cup of Huski Chocolate while he watches his cooking shows. Sure, he’d have to get his sponsor to send him a few cases (the hot chocolate mix isn’t yet available in the U.S)., but the company painted alongside Ericsson’s car has something […]

Get To Know: Stefan Wilson There must have been 100 things going through his mind in the 2021 Indy 500, as he screamed towards pit road. As Stefan Wilson furiously pumped his brakes, his Andretti Autosport Honda refused to cooperate. Felt like his feet were pushing the pedals through the car tub. Just 32 laps […]