The Wake Up Call w/KB & Andy

The Colts regular season schedule is out and fans can start planning their Sundays around the slate of games (hint: keep 1pm open A LOT) and even plan some away games to attend. With the release of the schedule, it’s time for the way too early, likely way incorrect win-loss predictions for the Colts. I’m […]

Game 2. I cannot wait. If you listened to The Wake Up Call on Monday you know I picked the Pacers in game 1. I thought it was a perfect spot to catch the Knicks basking in the national love they’d been receiving…and whew, I was “this close” to being right. And in the same […]

The Pacers saw a golden opportunity slip through their fingers on Monday night as they fell to the Knicks 121-117 in Game 1.  It was a huge letdown, not only because the Pacers seemingly had the Knicks on the ropes but got huge performances from their bench.  Some crucial turnovers, a huge fourth quarter by […]

It’s been a while since the Pacers and Knicks squared off in the playoffs.  11 years since the last matchup in 2013. Even that series, which the Pacers won 4-2, paled in comparison to the fantastic showdowns in the 90s.  Reggie Miller, Rik Smits, Dale Davis, Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Charles Oakley, the list goes […]

Isn’t draft time in the NFL fun? Eternal optimism reigns supreme. Struggling teams are provided hope, while in other instances the rich just get richer (did you see the Chiefs get Xavier Worthy). But for a team like the Colts the draft can really sway whether or not you find yourselves in the playoffs. And […]

The Laiatu Latu story sounds like one out of Hollywood. The Indianapolis Colts selected Latu fifteenth overall out of UCLA. Three years ago, playing in the NFL seemed like a dream that would not come true.

With the NFL Draft less than two weeks away we started a new series that focuses on the Top 10 draft prospects that have been mocked to the Colts at No. 15 and/or could be available when the Colts’ turn arrives. Obviously, some are more likely than others but we’ve taken a dive on 10 […]

I love the NFL Draft. I’m the guy that will sit there for three days injecting the event into my veins, and then the week after will consume all the “draft winners and losers” articles. And, in reality, the draft is the backbone of how you build your team. And for the Colts this coming […]

The 2024 NFL Draft will be the eighth one for Chris Ballard as General Manager of the Colts.  This year the Colts have the 15th overall pick.  In case you need a refresher on Ballard’s first round selections since he’s been in the draft room since 2017, follow along below!  

One of the items Indiana Fever GM Lin Dunn was asked about earlier this week is if her newly drafted superstar Caitlin Clark would have the “Peyton Maning effect” on not only her franchise but the WNBA as a whole. It was a good question and worth some sports radio fodder the past couple days. […]