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Bleacher Report ranked the top 15 shooting guards in the NBA coming into the 2018-2019 season, and Victor Oladipo got some high praise. 

He came in at number two in their preseason rankings. Yes, you read that right. Number two – ahead of guys like DeMar Derozan and Klay Thompson. You can see the full list here

“Don’t expect 2018-19 to prove this was a fluke.

After years of trials and tribulation with the Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunder, Oladipo has parlayed all his different experiences into this ascent up the individual hierarchy. He’s a defensive ace who can shoot 37.1 percent from downtown (with immense volume—5.8 attempts per game in 2017-18) and thrive when attacking the teeth of the opposition. Even so, he doesn’t have to sacrifice his distributing skills.

In other words, he’s a bona fide star.”

What an exciting time to be a Pacers fan. The preseason starts tomorrow night with the regular season starting two weeks following that, and you have your “bona fide super star”.

Kevin Pritchard has raved about Victor this offseason, and how is relentless work effort will continue to elevate him to new levels. 

“He’s as hungry as any player I’ve ever been around.” Pritchard said at the annual Pacers Golf Outing a couple weeks ago. “I will be shocked if he doesn’t make a huge move. Not sure if that means more points. I think you will see a guy that goes from being a good player that makes himself better, to being a great player, who makes his teammates better.”

Time to eat. 

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