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Tom Carnagie - Indy 500 Announcer

Source: RacingOne / Getty

Tonight it is an all request Tuesday night. After Jake and Mike preview some upcoming events, they take a request from Mark Jaynes to hear audio from John Toten and Tom Carnegie. We hear PA audio of Tom Carnegie and John Toten calling Rick Mears qualifying run in 1982. We also hear the audio of the 1983 start with Tom Carnegie on the PA that really puts you there in 1983, and if the 500 could have moved to Cincinatti. 

In the second half of the show, Mike and Jake talk about the Tom Carnegie milk ad. We hear about Gus Grissom and his brief stint of owning a team in IndyCar. We also hear about Neil Armstrong marching with the Purdue Band at IMS. We also hear more music from the Purdue Marching Band. We also hear Baloo the bear sing Back Home Again in Indiana. 

In the final segment of the show, we talk about Paul Page. We hear audio from Page’s first pit report during the Indy 500, and recounting his helicopter reporting with WIBC, including his infamous helicopter crash onto the football field at Speedway High School. Jake and Mike round out the show promoting the Indy 500 Memorabilia Show. 

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