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The biggest event on the pro wrestling calendar is this weekend with Wrestlemania XL emanating from Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field for two nights of action.  It’s arguably the hottest the WWE and pro wrestling in general, has been since the days of the infamous Monday Night Wars in the late-90’s and early 2000’s between WWE and WCW.

Let’s take a look at the biggest storylines heading into the loaded two-night card!


1. Can Cody Rhodes Finally ‘Finish The Story’?

WWE Monday Night RAW Source:Getty

Last year’s Wrestlemania it looked like Cody Rhodes was going to end the championship reign of Roman Reigns but he came up short.  The past year, Rhodes has battled everyone from Brock Lesnar to a heallacious WarGames match to winning the 2024 Royal Rumble and a chance at redemption against Reigns, who has held the title for over 3 1/2 years at this point.  The main event at Wrestlemania Sunday night could have “Bloodline Rules” aka anything goes if Rhodes and Seth Rollins lose their tag match against Reigns and The Rock on Saturday night, which would be one more obstacle in Rhodes’ path to reaching his ultimate goal of being champion.

2. Will The Rock Be The X-Factor of Wrestlemania?

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Originally, it was supposed to be Roman Reigns vs. his real-life cousin Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at Wrestlemania XL but fans revolted at the idea of Cody Rhodes, the winner of the Royal Rumble, seemingly being cast aside for a dream match.  WWE did a fantastic job of keeping The Rock around and aligning him with Reigns.  The “Heel Rock” character has been must-see TV and his interactions with Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins and even the fans have been highly entertaining.  I find it hard to believe The Rock is only going to appear on Saturday night, regardless of what happens in their tag match against Rhodes and Rollins.  The bigger question is: Will The Rock stay aligned with Reigns and The Bloodline or go into business for himself?

3. Can Becky Lynch De-Throne Rhea Ripley?

WRESTLING: FEB 08 Wrestlemania XL Kickoff Source:Getty

Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch have been in a war of words since Lynch selected Ripley as her opponent after winning the Elimination Chamber in February.  The time for talk is over and we’ll see if Lynch can de-throne “Mami”, who has held the Women’s World Championship for over a year.  This seems like a match ripe for interference from Ripley’s cohorts in the Judgment Day, specifically “Dirty Dom” Mysterio but it should be a hell of a showdown.

4. Is Drew McIntyre Due Another Wrestlemania Moment?

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This match was originally supposed to be Seth Rollins vs. CM Punk but with Punk’s torn triceps putting that match on the backburner it was a hell of a call to go to McIntyre, who has been in top form with this rivalry, not only on the mic but in the ring.  McIntyre’s fully embraced his heel persona and been running down Rollins and the injured Punk in every promo.  He’s been outstanding.  And with Rollins nursing multiple injuries it sure seems like pulling the trigger on McIntyre for the win not only keeps his star shining the brightest but allows Rollins to rest up after a hell of a title reign. 

5. Will Gunther continue his dominance?

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When Night 1 of Wrestlemania rolls around Saturday night, Gunther will have held the Intercontinental Championship for 665 consecutive days.  He’ll face Sami Zayn in a somewhat surprising matchup.  Yes, Zayn was in the main event of last year’s Night 1 card but has cooled off a little bit and it seemed almost expected that Chad Gable, who had a couple of great matches with Gunther the past year would be the choice to try and topple Gunther.  Gable has been training Zayn and while it should be a hell of a hard-hitting affair, I believe Gunther could keep the streak alive a bit longer. 

6. Will Damien Priest Finally Cash In His MITB Briefcase?

WWE Monday Night RAW Source:Getty

One story no one seems to be talking about as we head into Wrestlemania is that Damien Priest has yet to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase for a title opportunity.  He’s had multiple chances snuffed out before any of them became official and with multiple titles on the line over the two-night event I would be shocked if Priest doesn’t finally cash in and insert himself into a match. Could it be with Rollins and McIntyre?  Gunther and Zayn?  Or would he dare insert himself in Rhodes/Reigns II? The possibilities are endless and it’s one of the biggest wild cards of the Wrestlemania weekend. 

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