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(00:00-03:24) – Greg Rakestraw is back with another edition of Soccer Saturday and opens up today’s show by sharing some notes about the World Cup with it starting tomorrow from Qatar, previews the conversations he will have with the two guests on the show, and slightly explains what soccer fans locally in Indianapolis can do on next week’s show.

(06:26-10:49) – With the World Cup on the horizon and team USA attempting to qualify for the world cup after not qualifying in 2018, Rake turns to the Brickyard Battalion Facebook page by asking people that are members of the Facebook group what their expectations are for Team USA, how they will do in each of their individual matches, and which team is going to win the World Cup if it isn’t Team USA.

(13:49-25:52) – Vice President of Marketing and Club Growth in Brad Hauter joins Greg Rakestraw on Soccer Saturday to explain how he’s liking the new job with the Indy Eleven, shares how the Indy Eleven’s youth soccer program is giving people an avenue to professional soccer in comparison to his childhood where there wasn’t an alternate path, walks you through what the next ten days will be like from an Indy Eleven promotional standpoint, and discuss the famous Ale Emporium wings that Hauter has yet to have.

(28:53-43:05) – The Sporting Director of Academy Operations and the W League in Phil Presser joins Greg Rakestraw on Soccer Saturday to highlight some of the standout academy players that could play professional soccer for the Indy Eleven in the near future, explains how the Indy Eleven Academy team provides opportunity for players for a different avenue of improving their soccer skills, and the process of how someone can join an Indy Eleven Academy team.

(46:05-57:32) – Greg Rakestraw wraps up today’s show by wrapping up last week’s USL Championship between San Antonio FC and Louisville City FC, shares some notes around the USL pertaining to some coaches and players following the championship match, and highlights some of the local soccer college programs that seasons are continuing in the postseason.

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