Sweeney Says

You gotta love a Thursday morning before 7am Woj bomb, right? That’s exactly what we got when he reported the Lakers were seriously courting UConn head coach Dan Hurley and were expected to make a long-term, lucrative offer to the 2-time national champion. It’s obvious this would be a massive move that would have implications […]

It takes a nuanced conversation to wrap your head around this season (and postseason) for the Indiana Pacers. Wow. It’s been quite the ride from 25-57 in 2021-22, 35-47 in 2022-23, and now 47-35 this season including a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals under your belt. There’s no doubt the team achieved many of […]

I’d be lying if I said I was over the Pacers gagging away game 1 against the Celtics on Tuesday. What an amazingly terrible way to lose. But as we start to emerge from the malaise of the loss, there is reason to still feel a shred of confidence and hope. Why? Because THESE Pacers […]

Game 2. I cannot wait. If you listened to The Wake Up Call on Monday you know I picked the Pacers in game 1. I thought it was a perfect spot to catch the Knicks basking in the national love they’d been receiving…and whew, I was “this close” to being right. And in the same […]

Isn’t draft time in the NFL fun? Eternal optimism reigns supreme. Struggling teams are provided hope, while in other instances the rich just get richer (did you see the Chiefs get Xavier Worthy). But for a team like the Colts the draft can really sway whether or not you find yourselves in the playoffs. And […]

Past Number One Overall Picks In The NFL Draft The first overall picks in the NFL draft hold a prestigious position in football history. Schools like Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma, and Georgia have produced 5 first overall picks each, Notable selections that you can expect to see on our list below are Joe Burrow from […]

I love the NFL Draft. I’m the guy that will sit there for three days injecting the event into my veins, and then the week after will consume all the “draft winners and losers” articles. And, in reality, the draft is the backbone of how you build your team. And for the Colts this coming […]

One of the items Indiana Fever GM Lin Dunn was asked about earlier this week is if her newly drafted superstar Caitlin Clark would have the “Peyton Maning effect” on not only her franchise but the WNBA as a whole. It was a good question and worth some sports radio fodder the past couple days. […]

As you fine people know your Indianapolis Colts hold the 15th overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. And to most of you picking in the middle of round one is the perfect example of where the Colts have been the past few years…not good enough to really win but also not terrible enough to […]

I said earlier today on The Wake Up Call that a growing pet peeve (despite understanding the content machine, website clicks etc) is the “Way Too Early Top 25’s” you see being posted as the college hoops has come to an end. Again, I understand the new for content but at this point in the […]