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After leading the NFL with 7 Pro Bowlers last season, the Colts are sending just one in the 2023 version.

The Colts musical chairs at the quarterback position is once again playing another song.

With another loss for Indianapolis---the 4th straight and 7th in their past 8 games---the Colts are now 6th in the draft order with 3 games left this season.

The indestructible Jonathan Taylor is human. Should that impact likely contract negotiations for Taylor this offseason?

Here is what was learned from the Colts (4-9-1) seeing a 33-0 halftime lead turn into a 39-36 overtime loss to the Minnesota Vikings (11-3).

Let’s slot Colts into two categories----“deserving Pro Bowlers, could be voted in; deserving, not likely to be voted into the game.”

The bye week was great to the Colts (4-8-1) and their pursuit of securing a higher draft pick in 2023.

Jeff Saturday feels the Matt Ryan gives the Colts the best chance to win football games.

Let’s examine 9 Colts storylines for the final four games of the season.

Let’s categorize head coaching candidates into three pools here: past NFL head coaching experience (5 names), current NFL assistants (10 names) and college names (5 names).