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Six Funny Facts About Jimmy Butler Who Is In The NBA Finals

Jimmy Butler, who currently plays for the Miami Heat and is known as one of the best two-way players in the league has officially made it to the 2023 NBA Finals.

Jimmy’s tenacity on defense and his ability to score from anywhere on the court has been seen to be dangerous for anyone playing the Heat this year.

Jimmy Butler is also known for being a goofball or open to being honest when people ask him questions.

So lets take a look at six funny facts about Jimmy Butler that he has shared with us over the years:

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1. Butler has a reputation for being a bit of a coffee fanatic. He has been known to bring his own French press on road trips.

Haute Living Celebrates Jimmy Butler Source:Getty

2. In 2020, Butler became known for his love of wine, often seen sipping a glass during post-game interviews. He even convinced his Miami Heat teammate, Meyers Leonard, to become a wine connoisseur as well.

a close - up view of glasses of champagne with the rest empty Source:Getty

3. Butler is an avid fan of country music, even incorporating it into his pre-game warmup playlist.

Male musician playing acoustic guitar behind microphone in recording studio. Source:Getty

4. Butler is also a big fan of romantic comedies and has cited “The Notebook” as one of his all-time favorite movies.

"The Notebook" New Line Cinema Los Angeles Premiere Source:Getty

5. In 2018, Butler famously led the Minnesota Timberwolves’ third-stringers to a win over the starters in a scrimmage, showcasing his competitive spirit and leadership skills.

Minnesota Timberwolves Jimmy Butler Source:Getty

6. Butler once revealed that he has a fear of birds, particularly parrots.

Closeup shot of two parrots engaging in an affectionate moment beaks touching in a loving embrace Source:Getty

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