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NFL: APR 26 2018 NFL Draft

The long march toward the 2023 NFL Draft has only just begun as the Indianapolis Colts prepare to, presumably, select who they hope is the next franchise quarterback. The first building block, who will be the head coach, is finally out of the way. Shane Steichen will be the 21st person to guide the Colts and he’s already filling out his staff with Jim Bob Cooter set to be the team’s next offensive coordinator.

We will of course stay focused on how that staff is filled out, but the primary conversation moving forward will be who the QB is and how many different ways supporters of the team can talk themselves in or out of different prospects.

The next two months will be filled with choices, mock drafts, theories on trading up (or the wild thought of trading back), watching highlight tapes and sharing them with fellow Colts fans, and the stress of getting the decision right.

Bryce Young, electric do it all QB, but he’s too small.

CJ Stroud, strong arm incredible passing talent, but just a pocket passer.

Anthony Richardson, dynamic physical player with strong skill sets, but crazy inaccurate at times.

Will Levis, amazing arm talent and built tough, but mistake prone.

That’s a quick summary of all the likely options for the Colts at QB…but who knows if there isn’t a little bit of mystery in Chris Ballard and Jim Irsay’s bag of tricks.

In order to get some clarity on what the Colts might do with the 4th pick, The Fan Midday Show turned to the talented draft analyst for NFL Network Daniel Jeremiah. Daniel broke down all the top QB prospects that will be at Indy’s disposal when they make arguably the biggest draft selection since Andrew Luck.

Over the course of our chat with Daniel Jeremiah he talked about:

  • the draft profiles of Young, Stroud, Levis and Richardson
  • how each prospect could fit in Shane Steichen’s offense
  • if the height of Bryce Young is being blown out of proportion
  • Can the accuracy issues of Anthony Richardson be fixed
  • what he would do if he was GM of the Colts

Listen to the full conversation with NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah below and don’t miss The Fan Midday Show, weekdays 12-3pm Eastern, on The Fan.

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