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Dan Dakich didn’t hold back when he jumped on The Fan Morning Show Friday.

Actually, it’s not even that he didn’t hold back. He RIPPED Indiana Basketball.

You would think that the morning after another embarrassing loss to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in the Big Ten Tournament, DD wouldn’t be very happy. But Friday was on another level. This isn’t about just the bad single game performances.

This is about whatever ounce of culture that the Hoosiers still have is crumbling.

“We are in a situation where the program is at the lowest point it has been at in my lifetime,” DD said. “When (Kelvin) Sampson was here he won enough and there was energy. Then (Tom) Crean really energized it with his personality. But now there is literally nothing interesting with the Indiana Basketball program. The coach isn’t interesting, they don’t develop players, you’ve got mommy’s and daddy’s all over Twitter; It’s an AAU program.”


DD didn’t stop there though. The roasts continued on.

“I blame Fred Glass because he was told by people like me that this is exactly where we were going to be when he hired (Archie Miller),” DD added. “But when you watch Indiana, it’s on the players. When we got there, we weren’t little kids. We were men. We give so much of a pass to players and put it on the coach. I think the problem it’s a combination of both. It’s been 21 years of absolute stupidity.”

Now with the final nail officially put into the coffin for this season, the Hoosiers have a long time to think about this one.

And they can’t go feeling sorry for themselves. This is a problem.

They better figure it out; And fast.

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