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Normally when an NFL squad possesses over $46 million dollars worth of cap space, a shopping spree may quickly follow in free agency.

But don’t be so sure that will be the case for the Indianapolis Colts.

Sure, the Colts have a lot of room to improve their roster. But you can’t be going to the mall every weekend when you also have bills to pay.

Don’t get us wrong. $46 million is A LOT of money. But for what Chris Ballard needs to secure for the roster, as well as pairing that with the necessity to re-sign guys like Quenton Nelson and Darius Leonard, the Blue and White have to be smart.

Thursday afternoon on The Ride with JMV, “The Dean” Mike Chappell discussed what the Colts can do with their salary cap space. Chappy told JMV that when you take into account everything Indianapolis has on the checklist, that big shopping trip may need to be more frugal.

“While it looks great that they have roughly $47 million in cap space that’s going to go really quick,” Chappell said. “I realize you can do funny things with the cap, but do the math. T.Y. Hilton or a replacement for him is $10 million, a pass rusher is $12 million, and a cornerback like Xavier Rhodes is $8 million.”

The salary cap is officially set at $182.5 million dollars for this season. That’s an 8% decrease from last year. The NFL cites the cut because of the lost attendance during COVID-19.

It just makes the job for Ballard even more important now that he must nail the decision making.

“The Colts don’t have a lot of needs but the ones they have are expensive,” Chappell added. “If you get a Justin Houston type guy again, that’s still 10 or 12 million dollars. They have the most cap space among any playoff team so they’re in good shape. But the idea that they’re going to go out and sign six or eight guys is crazy.”

We haven’t even mentioned the left tackle position. With those points made by Chappy, would you feel comfortable enough ponying up for a free agent there?

Now with the salary cap decreased, selecting a tackle with the 21st overall selection feels even more like the correct move.

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