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Carson Wentz wants out of Philadelphia. The Eagles don’t want him there. In a normal setting if you’re Philly, you would ship him out ASAP.

But that’s not happening.

It’s really starting to feel like…

The Eagles process of wanting to trade Wentz has been a disaster.

To our knowledge and according to Ron Jaworski, the Indianapolis Colts have offered a couple second round picks and maybe an additional later round selection for Wentz. The Chicago Bears may be involved too.

What’s taking so long though? We got a full breakdown of what the hell is going on from ESPN Eagles reporter Tim McManus on The Fan Morning Show Wednesday.

“I don’t think we should confuse the fact that it hasn’t happened yet with the fact that it won’t,” McManus said. “There’s still a sense that he is going to get moved and the relationship between him and the Eagles is over. Philadelphia is now just waiting on an offer to come through that is more sweetened than the ones that are already there.”

That last sentence from Tim is very important.

You’re talking about a former stud QB who has been injury prone and just got benched for a rookie in Jalen Hurts. Is that worth a first-round pick? Especially one from Chris Ballard? That just doesn’t add up.

Maybe their inability to accept that Wentz is worth less is the halting factor.

“If the Eagles had a choice, they would keep Wentz,” McManus explained. “They’re locked into him and they just gave him a $128 million extension in 2019. They’re also going to absorb a $34 million dollar cap hit too. But it came down to Wentz losing faith in the organization. And we can trace it back to the drafting of Hurts.”

This feels like the game show Deal or No Deal where a contestant doesn’t accept a giant offer from the banker and it comes back to bite them in the next round.

If the Eagles don’t take two second-rounders for Wentz because they actually believe he’s worth a first, that’s on them.

Where’s Howie Mandel when you need him?

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