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Yet another young Duke Blue Devil is calling it quits down in Durham.

Jalen Johnson, the 13th overall prospect in the ESPN Top 100 last season, is leaving the program with three weeks left in the season to pursue the NBA Draft.

This isn’t just a Duke problem. It isn’t even just a college hoops problem. It’s an issue with young people quitting too much.

On The Dan Dakich Show Tuesday afternoon, DD was ready to roll with the punches from whoever wanted to throw them.

“What other industry would you praise someone for walking out on their partners, teammates and co-workers,” DD asked. “Any way you slice it, college athletes are paid. It may not be as much as you want, but only college athletes get praised for such behavior. In the real world, when you walk out in an important time, you’re going to get fired and nobody else will pick you up. Duke and the NBA could care less.

In the world today, young athletes are the only individuals who no longer care about teamwork, pride, and helping one another.

This is going to keep on happening as well. For as long as the NBA maintains their superpower status, it will always attract young, talented, and naive players.

If you’ve got a rebuttal, don’t bring any weak stuff to The DD Show this week.

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