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A lot of people gave up on Philip Rivers following the 32-23 loss to the Cleveland Browns in October. Rivers did not have a touchdown pass and threw two interceptions.

Did he deserve criticism? Absolutely. But a lot of people are very quietly jumping back on the Rivers train.

In his last nine games, Rivers has 18 touchdowns to just four picks.

This version of the Indianapolis Colts 25 million dollar man is what Chris Ballard knew he was bringing to the 317. And look, when you have a watered down training camp, no preseason games, and a brand new set of weapons offensively, you’re probably going to struggle at first.

To help break down Rivers’ second half surge, the always insightful former Colt Sean Salisbury stopped by The Dan Dakich Show on Monday for his weekly segment.

“This is exactly what the Colts had in mind with Rivers,” Salisbury said. “Every single time he has this success, there’s a thought process that he’s having way too much fun to not come back next year. Being an athlete is the only job where you’re in the mid-30’s and you’re supposedly over the hill. But look at the four oldest starters in Rivers, Brady, Brees and Rodgers. Guess what they’re all doing; Playing in January this year.”

T.Y. Hilton has brought in four touchdowns in his last four games. Then add the emergence of Zach Pascal against the Texans with his two TD’s, and the 39-year-old father of nine has the Blue and White rolling.

The run game has helped Rivers immensely too. Jonathan Taylor continues to shine, with Nyheim Hines right behind him.

“With play-action you create deception and then the hesitation of the pass rush gives Rivers more time to set his feet,” Salisbury added. “I know people are going to nay say and say he can’t move. Oh well. You’re stuck with it. So instead of focusing on the negative, how do we look at the positive of that? You upgrade the run game and pump the play-action in there. The Colts are dangerous, they just are.”

Up next?

A trip out to Pennsylvania to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. Maybe the Colts largest test of 2020.

But when you sprinkle some confidence in a locker room, we’ve seen time and time again that it can go a very long way.

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