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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Pop-Tarts Bowl - NC State vs Kansas State

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Kansas State Eats Edible Pop-Tart Mascot After beating NC State In Bowl Game

The wait is over and we have all now experienced the college football Pop-Tarts bowl and yes the Pop-Tarts mascot was edible.

This bowl game was on watch mainly because players from the winning team were able to take a bite out the Pop-Tarts mascot, which was expected to be frosted strawberry flavored.

The Pop-Tarts mascot did get his grand entrance.

The Pop-Tarts Bowl mascot was birthed from a huge toaster* that was brought onto the field at Camping World Stadium ahead of the game between Kansas State and North Carolina State.

Take a look.

This is the first year of the Pop-Tarts Bowl. In previous years it has been named the:

  • Cheez-It Bowl
  • Camping World Bowl
  • Russell Athletic Bowl
  • Champs Sports Bowl
  • Mazda Tangerine Bowl
  • Visit Florida Tangerine Bowl
  • Bowl
  • Carquest Bowl
  • Blockbuster Bowl

Once the game started, the mascot was living its best life, even if there was the prospect of being consumed later that night.

Kansas State won the Pop-Tarts Bowl 28-19, so the Wildcats had the, uh, honor of eating the oversized Pop-Tart.

RIP Strawberry Pop-Tarts Mascot. We will eat another one of your friends next year!

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