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Sports Betting For Beginners

Let’s get straight to the point, we all want to be professional bettors, right?!

Nothing sounds better than hitting a massive bet and being set for the rest of your life with a load of money. Let me be the first to tell you, betting is not as easy as you think and not everyone will hit the jackpot.

One of the reason we are having this conversation to begin with is sports betting is not new to the world, but it is now just so easy to place bets just by using our phones and it can get someone in trouble in an instant. So today we put together a sports betting for beginners guide to help people approach sports betting in more of a controlled manor for whenever they feel it is the right time to get into it.

A bit of advice is to always be open to changing your betting strategy especially if it has not been successful for you.

Take a step back and simplify your bets/betting style back to only betting the most common bets like the spread, the moneyline, or the over/under.

But what about parlays? I would not recommend placing a parley to a bettor who is a beginner.

A parlay – A parlay is a type of bet that involves placing multiple wagers on the outcome of multiple games. This can include anything from point spread, moneyline and over/under bets all within one single wager. The payouts on parlay bets are much greater than a single bet due to the higher risk involved. For example, if you placed three separate single bets each at 2/1 odds, you would receive 6/1 odds in return. However, if you placed those same three bets as part of one parlay bet then your payout would be much higher depending on the odds of the individual games.

Enough babbling, let’s dive in to the tips!

If you ever feel like you have a gabling problem or know someone who does please reach out to the National Council on Problem Gambling at 1-800-522-4700.

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1. Analyze the current standings of both teams


Teams with better records typically have a higher chance of succeeding than those with worse records for several reasons.

  • Teams with better records are more likely to have players who are in good form and have the necessary skills to compete.
  • These teams tend to enjoy a psychological advantage due to their past success which can give them an edge in any matchup.
  • Teams with better records are often able to draw upon resources such as financial support and high-quality coaching staff that can provide invaluable assistance when it comes time to compete.

All these elements come together to give teams with better records an edge over those with worse records, ultimately making them more successful.

2. Be aware of any injuries or depleted rosters that may affect the outcome of the game

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors Source:Getty

It’s no secret that a team’s winning percentage can be significantly impacted when one of their star players has to sit out due to injury.

In many cases, the star player is responsible for providing valuable contributions in terms of scoring, assists, and often times even defense. Without their presence in the lineup, a team’s performance may suffer as other players are unable to shoulder the additional responsibility that comes with replacing a star performer.

Additionally, teams may struggle to create cohesion when forced to adapt on-the-fly and play with an unfamiliar lineup.

All these elements combine to make it more difficult for a team to win games while one of their star players is out due to injury.

3. Research individual playing stats, including points per game, defensive ratings, and shooting percentages

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Clippers Source:Getty

Betting on players when they are in a hot streak is generally considered the smart move. Players that are playing well tend to be more confident and comfortable with their game and often times end up performing better than expected.

Additionally, betting on these players also allows you to capitalize on any potential upside as there is no guarantee that the good form will continue for an extended period of time.

On the flip-side, betting on players who are in a cold streak can be risky as there is no guarantee that their form will improve anytime soon. It’s usually best to wait for them to turn it around before investing in their potential success.

4. Keep an eye on team trends such as winning and losing streaks

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Source:Getty

Betting on teams that are on a winning streak is often considered a smart move for two main reasons.

  • Teams that are on a winning streak tend to be more confident and comfortable with their game, which can lead to increased performance levels.
  • Betting on these teams also allows you to capitalize on any potential upside as there is no guarantee that the good form will continue for an extended period of time. As such, having knowledge of a team’s recent success can be beneficial in determining your betting strategy.

Betting on teams during a losing streak is generally not recommended, as it can be difficult to accurately predict when the team will turn their fortunes around. Teams can find themselves in a downward spiral that lasts for weeks or even months, making it highly unlikely that they will suddenly improve with no warning. Additionally, betting on teams during a losing streak can be an emotionally driven decision as opposed to being based on sound logic and facts. If you do decide to bet on a team during a losing streak, make sure you research the team and its players exhaustively beforehand in order to make an informed decision.

5. Consider home court advantage, weather conditions, and travel schedules when considering your bet

Michigan v Purdue Source:Getty

Home Court Advantage – Home court advantage can be a huge factor in a team’s success as it provides the team with a number of beneficial factors. Firstly, it allows the team to have more control over their home court environment, allowing them to get familiar with the rules and regulations that might otherwise work against them on away games. Additionally, playing at home also puts less pressure on players and gives them confidence knowing they have the support of their fans behind them. Studies have shown that teams playing at home often outperform those playing away, which is why having an advantage of playing at home should not be overlooked when making betting decisions.

Weather conditions – Weather conditions can have a drastic effect on the overall play of the game, particularly when it comes to outdoor sports like football and baseball. It is important to take into account any environmental factors that might hinder a team’s performance on the day, such as rain or wind. Rain can affect the way players move and how they interact with each other on the field, while high winds could potentially impact how far a ball travels in the air. Weather conditions should always be taken into account when making predictions about which teams are likely to win or lose a match – especially in outdoor sports.

Travel Schedules – Travel schedules can be a major factor in a team’s overall performance, as it directly impacts the physical and mental fatigue levels that players experience. When teams have to travel long distances, they are forced to spend long hours away from home which can lead to exhaustion and fatigue. This can impair their ability to perform at peak levels and make it much harder for them to compete against teams that have shorter travels. Additionally, travel fatigue can also lead to players being more prone to injury or illness due to weakened immune systems. For these reasons, teams need to consider their travel schedule when planning their season and make sure they are able to rest adequately in-between games.

6. Have an understanding of basic betting principles like point spreads, moneylines, and over/under bets

Las Vegas Set To Host 2024 Super Bowl Source:Getty

First off – There are several basic principles to consider when betting on any sporting event. Firstly, it is important to weigh the odds and ensure that the potential returns are worth your stake. Secondly, it is essential to do your research on teams, players and coaches before placing a bet in order to make an informed decision. Thirdly, you should always set yourself a limit on how much you are willing to spend on bets and stick to it. Finally, you should always approach sports betting with caution and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

There are three main betting terms for you to know:

Spread – the term ‘spread’ refers to the difference between two teams’ scores, which is used to even out the chances of either team winning. For example, if Team A is favored to win by 7 points, then they are said to have a 7-point spread. This means that if you bet on Team A, you will only win your bet if they win by more than 7 points. On the other hand, if you bet on Team B, you will win your bet if they lose by less than 7 points or win the game outright. The spread should be taken into consideration when making any bets as it can drastically affect the outcome of a game.

Moneyline – The moneyline is a type of bet offered in sports betting, which does not take the point spread into consideration. Instead, it is based solely on the result of the match. If you bet on a team with a positive money line (e.g +220) then you will be paid out if the team wins. Conversely, if you bet on a team with a negative money line (e.g -150) then you will need to risk more than what you stand to win in order to make a profit should they win. Moneyline betting can be an extremely profitable way of betting, particularly when there is little chance of either team winning by more than one goal or point.

Over/Under – Over/under betting is a form of sports betting in which you bet on whether the combined score for two teams will be over or under a given number. This number, known as the ‘total’, is determined by the bookmaker and usually falls somewhere between 0-40. If you bet ‘over’ then you are wagering that the total combined score of both teams will be higher than the given total. Similarly, if you bet ‘under’ then you are wagering that it will be lower than the total. The margin of victory or defeat makes no difference when it comes to placing over/under bets, only the total score matters.

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