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INDIANAPOLIS — The new LED basketball court that the NBA will unveil for All-Star Saturday night is the largest installation of an LED floor assembled. The vision for the floor came to fruition after the league scouted the floor at the FIBA game last year and built a relationship with a German glass floor company.

The NBA will debut a new full video LED court by ASB GlassFloor for NBA All-Star 2024 events at Lucas Oil Stadium. The court will be used for various events, including Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, and AT&T Slam Dunk.

“There is a whole group of people that is specific to the programming of the elements that will be on the court,” said Carlton Myers, NBA, SVP, and Head of Live Production and Entertainment, at an event to unveil the court to the media on Thursday. “So imagine a video control room, which would typically be controlling the jumbotron, something similar.

According to Myers, it takes a lot of people working together to ensure the graphics on the screen are just right so that you’re always focused on the action on the court. They do all this to make sure you have a fun and exciting time watching the game.

“The court is a graphic image,” he added. “It’s like a television screen. What you see there is there, and we have the ability to change that anytime we want. It draws your eye to what’s going on and all the enhancements and embellishments we can do on the court when something happens. I think we will get a really good fan reaction to it.”

The sports floor, designed with interactive features, enhance the game experience for fans in the arena and those watching on TV, showcasing various designs and colors, instant replays and videos, live stats, animated player tracking, engaging games for fans during breaks, and interesting animations after big plays.

“We always want to be on the cutting edge of technology,” added Myers. “Anything that will bring fans closer to the game and get them more interested in what we are doing, we continually want to push the envelope there.”

Lucas Oil Stadium hosts the Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Feb. 16, airing on ESPN at 7 p.m. ET. The State Farm All-Star Saturday Night follows on Feb. 17, airing on TNT at 8 p.m. ET. The event reaches fans in 200+ countries in 50+ languages.

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1. Revolutionizing the NBA Experience

Revolutionizing the NBA Experience Source:WIBC

The introduction of the new LED basketball court marks a significant milestone in the NBA’s ongoing efforts to innovate and enhance the fan experience. The league has developed the largest LED floor assembly by collaborating with a German glass floor company, showcasing its commitment to cutting-edge technology and immersive entertainment.

2. Unveiling the Future of Sports Entertainment

Unveiling the Future of Sports Entertainment Source:WIBC

NBA All-Star 2024 will serve as the stage for the debut of the full video LED court by ASB GlassFloor at Lucas Oil Stadium. This groundbreaking development represents a fusion of sports and technology, providing a platform for various events such as the Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and the AT&T Slam Dunk contest.

3. Behind the Scenes: The Art of Court Programming

Behind the Scenes: The Art of Court Programming Source:WIBC

The Art of Court Programming: Carlton Myers, NBA’s Senior Vice President and Head of Live Production and Entertainment, sheds light on the intricate process behind programming the elements displayed on the LED court. A dedicated team meticulously orchestrates the graphics to ensure that viewers remain engrossed in the on-court action, underscoring the importance of seamless integration between technology and gameplay.

4. Interactive Features and Enhanced Viewing Experience

Interactive Features and Enhanced Viewing Experience Source:WIBC

The LED sports floor is a visual spectacle and a functional tool designed to elevate the game experience for both arena attendees and television audiences. With its interactive features and dynamic display capabilities, the court promises to captivate spectators with its vibrant designs and colors, further immersing them in the excitement of the NBA All-Star festivities.

5. Anticipating Fan Reaction

Anticipating Fan Reaction Source:WIBC

Myers expresses optimism regarding the fan response to the innovative LED court, likening it to a giant television screen that can be modified in real-time. The ability to customize the court’s visuals ensures that viewers are consistently engaged and entertained, setting the stage for an unforgettable All-Star weekend and leaving a lasting impression on basketball enthusiasts worldwide.

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