We’re a week removed from Colts-Broncos which means that ugly victory is finally behind us…to a point. While we don’t have to harp on how bad the game was anymore, there is still at least one negative element to fix from that game that has hampered the Colts all season long. Whether it’s been a […]

After an offseason where, among many other things, the loss to Jacksonville in the regular season was regularly cited as an embarrassing loss and the reason the Colts missed the playoffs, it seemed impossible that Indy could lose in Jacksonville AGAIN this year. Yet in Week 2 we saw one of the most disappointing performances […]

Analytics in the NFL have skyrocketed in popularity amongst coaching staffs and organizations. Every team in the NFL has a department dedicated to analytics and most have a spot in the booth on gameday with a direct line of communication to the Head Coach and influence on critical plays.   During the Raiders vs Chiefs […]

Over the course of the Colts putrid victory, but victory nonetheless, over the Broncos last week the struggles on offense were on full display on national television. That performance, however, was without star running back Jonathan Taylor who missed the contest due to an ankle injury. So the biggest question on the mind of Colts […]

Despite a putrid performance against the Denver Broncos last week, the Indianapolis Colts sit at 2-2-1 on the year. That’s good enough for 2nd place in the AFC South and has Indy within striking distance of 1st place Tennessee. With Jaguars and Titans the Colts opponents in two of the next three weeks, an opportunity […]

Five games into the season and the Colts are 2-2-1.  Not exactly how they drew it up.  Matt Ryan has looked old and had a case of the butterfingers.  Also, not ideal.  League-leading rusher a year ago Jonathan Taylor?  Not off to a great start either.  But one thing we were told not to worry […]

Has a Colts win ever felt more like a loss? The NFL season is only 5 weeks young so normally fanbases are happy with any win in October but the Colts 12-9 OT victory in Denver didn’t leave many feeling warm and fuzzy. In the Frank Reich era, the Colts are notoriously slow starters with […]

Last night, the Colts left Denver with a 12-9 victory in hand to go along with countless questions about this football team. Can this offensive line ever find a way to protect Matt Ryan? Is Ryan washed? Will this team ever score more than 20 points? The truth is, after five games it’s hard to […]

It was one of the hardest games to watch but the Colts walked out of Empower Field At Mile High with a 12-9 overtime win over the Denver Broncos.  The Colts improved to 2-2-1 on the season but there continue to be more questions than answers with this team. Is Matt Ryan done? How is […]

Frank Reich suggested ahead of training camp that he would suggest drafting Nyheim Hines to his fantasy team, suggesting the running back was in store for a big year and an expanded role in the offense.  If you followed that strategy, you’ve likely dropped Hines from your team at this point or he’s buried on […]