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Photos of Bobby Knight atvarious times in his career around college basketball

Damon Bailey. Indiana Guard, 1990-1994 

“He brought a level of excitement to a style of play that was mirrored in our state. Everyone was trying to emulate ‘The right way to play the game. The Bob Knight way.’ If you have not done it the way Bob Knight did it, you’re not doing it right. When IU was playing, you were gonna sit down to watch IU play. Indiana basketball was a huge part of our lives. I don’t know that there’s a higher compliment to pay a coach. Whether it’s being successful as a businessperson or father, I think about how many times I approach things and think back to how Coach had us do things.” 

Chuck Crabb, Indiana Associate Athletic Director, Public Address Announcer, 1977-2022 

“When the time ever comes for a Mount Rushmore of college coaches, the image of Bob Knight will be one of the figures for prime consideration.  Knight was a tireless recruiter who never really strayed far from the State of Indiana with a sprinkle or two of top players every year from Illinois, Ohio and Michigan.   His promise to parents was he’d take their sons and in four years provide them an education and make them men in whom the entire State of Indiana would be proud.  Knight had his moments of controversy at Indiana, but when it came to playing by the rules, character building, graduating players and winning basketball coaches, nobody has done it better before or since Bob Knight left Indiana Basketball in September 2000.” 

Ryan Carr, Indiana Pacers VP of Player Personnel, Indiana Manager, 1992-1996  

Coach Knight learned from so many older coaches that I think he felt a responsibility to carry that on for younger ones, He took that very seriously. He was always conducting clinics and speaking. His reach and influence on the game was literally global in that sense. He got me, a kid from Washington state to attend Indiana having never seen the school.”  

-Bill Benner, Indianapolis Star, 1968-2001 

“If I had to choose one coach to win one game, especially with lesser talent, it would have been Bob Knight. He defined brilliance. However, as a journalist during his tenure at Indiana University, I could not and did not let his on-court success obscure his often unfortunate treatment of others and his overall representation of the university. The full story of the man had to be told. That said he will forever be synonymous with IU and college basketball. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.” 

-Joe Hillman, Indiana Guard, 1984-1989 

“He made me feel like a huge part of Indiana basketball just by stuff he said. Coach Knight had never seen me play in High School, but Pete Newell recommended me so Coach flew out to visit. When they came in, he asked why a kid from California would like to play at Indiana. I said ‘I’d love to because I want to win a national championship’. He told me he couldn’t guarantee one, but I’d get 4-5 great chances. I remember after we won it in New Orleans, there after the game, I went in to the shower and passed him, with his back to me, talking to his buddies. I heard him say ‘That Hillman earned his scholarship- we don’t win without him’. I was like ‘I didn’t even score’. But it was like he knew just what to say to make you feel like you belonged.” 

-Don Fischer, Indiana play-by-play radio voice, 1973- present   

‘I’ve always said, he is the best to ever coach college basketball. In terms of the best to ever prepare for a game, assemble a team, understand the all areas, he was the best at each of them.  

Sage Steele, ESPN anchor – 1995 Indiana graduate 

“Bob Knight was THE reason why I decided to attend IU. Yes, I was excited because they had the perfect program for me as an aspiring sportscaster, but the #1 reason I chose to be a Hoosier was because of Coach Knight.  

 He literally brought thousands — If not millions of people together in the state of Indiana and beyond — all because of his approach to and love of the game of basketball.  It was such an honor to be a student during some of his best years, which happen to be some of the best memories of my life!  I am a forever fan of Indiana basketball thanks to Coach Knight.” 

Bob Knight, 1940-2023 

“When my time on Earth is gone, and my activities here are passed, I want them to bury me upside down and my critics can kiss my ass.” 

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