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A graphic for Beyond The Bricks on the pavement from the IMS

Tonight, on Beyond the Bricks with Jake Query and Mike Thomsen, they highlight more winners of the Indianapolis 500. They start the show by recognizing one of Sid Collins’ favorite winners in Lee Wallard (1951 winner) after Tony Bettenhausen passed on using the winning car. The 1953 and 1954 winner of the race was the next driver that Jake and Mike discussed in Bill Vukovich.

Additionally, Jake and Mike spend some time talking about the 1955 Indianapolis 500 victory that belonged to Bob Sweikert because after winning the race he had a vision as to how fast cars would eventually get to (and now blowing it out of the water). Other drivers that you will hear from on tonight’s show are Pat Flaherty (1956), Sam Franks (1957), and Jimmy Bryan (1958).

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