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In a draft season where everything points to this year finally being the year that the Indianapolis Colts go the young quarterback route, there’s only thing that could break the hearts of the fan base; the team doesn’t select a QB in the first round.

Whether that means the team traded back or didn’t like the QBs at #4 and decided to draft best available, shockwaves would be felt across the state of Indiana.

Of course, by not taking a QB with the 4th pick, perhaps the Colts would still select a quarterback prospect later in the draft.

That prospect, however, would likely not start right away and still put the Colts in the same bottom of the AFC South barrel they were in last season.

Then again, perhaps that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the long run. After all, next year’s QB class is where the true franchise changing treasures reportedly await.

Despite this hypothetical, most Colts fans can PROBABLY rest easy that the team’s first selection will be used to draft a QB. I’ve made it clear where I stand on the Richardson vs Levis debate, (the sky is the limit if Shane Steichen can fix the accuracy issues of Anthony Richardson) but the rumors continue to swirl that the team is intrigued by the prospect from Kentucky.

Which one fits the Colts better? And is it a guarantee they actually take a quarterback in the first round?

Tuesday on The Fan Midday Show we turned to THE DEAN Mike Chappell of Fox 59 and CBS 4 to get his perspective with the NFL Draft just over three weeks away.

Over the course of our conversation Chappy talked about:

  • his overall thoughts on this year’s QB class
  • the pros and cons of Will Levis and Anthony Richardson
  • what goes into making these big front office decisions
  • what not taking a QB at #4 could mean for the Colts

Check out our full conversation with THE DEAN Mike Chappell of Fox 59 and CBS 4 below and keep listening to The Fan Midday Show, weekdays 12-3pm Eastern, on The Fan.

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