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When Carson Wentz didn’t complete a single pass in the first quarter against the Las Vegas Raiders, you knew the first game action of 2022 for the Blue and White was a bit fishy.

So much so, that Wentz had never even done that before.


The Indianapolis Colts looked flat; Flatter than the soda used for mixed drinks at your New Year’s Eve party at 2 AM. Then the burst of energy came. On what probably should’ve been an interception, Wentz tossed a monster touchdown to T.Y. Hilton, in what could possibly be his last game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The 4th quarter eventually came along.

Daniel Carlson. Ballgame. 23-20. The Colts are 9-7. In their own building, in front of their fans, against a team that has lost their head coach and number one down field receiver in the same year to tragic circumstances, the Colts couldn’t do it. With a chance to stamp their position in the postseason too.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a different Colts team. Saturday Night Football versus the New England Patriots, Christmas Day topping the Arizona Cardinals. That’s the Colts team we know and love.

This Sunday, it was not.

Jonathan Taylor got his big numbers, as expected. 108 yards to be exact. Plus, the single season rushing record. We continue to watch greatness.

Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley did a spectacular job for Vegas game planning on what Frank Reich, Wentz, and the Colts were going to do. The offensive line was choppy with Matt Pryor at left tackle, and simply put, the Colts weren’t tough enough.

Now it’s Week 18 on the way; To the Sunshine State we go. That’s against a Jacksonville Jaguars team that just got spanked earlier by the Patriots. We’re talking a 50-burger on their defense. Whether the Jags would have had Urban Meyer or not, you better bet Trevor Lawrence and crew will be playing pissed off next week.

The Colts better be too.

But hey, at least they didn’t have to deal with this today.

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