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If you’ve been using the Fan Morning Show to place your weekend bets then congratulations on your large sums of money because Kevin Bowen, Marc Dykton and the weekly guest hosts have all got very impressive win totals as we head into Week 4 of the NFL season.

The season totals through three weeks are as follows:

Kevin: 15-6 (5-1 in Week 3)

Marc: 14-7 (4-3 in Week 3)

Guest hosts: 13-7 (5-2 in Week 3)

There is a lot of pressure on Jake Query to keep the winning percentage high, here’s where all three leaned on the college side of things:

Kevin: Purdue(-2.5) over Minnesota, Notre Dame(+1.5) over Cincinnati, Penn State (-12.5) over IU,  LSU (-3.5) over Auburn, UCLA (-3) over Arizon State

Marc: Purdue (-2.5) over Minnesota, Cincinnati (-1.5) over Notre Dame, Penn State (-12.5) over IU, Oregon (-8) over Stanford

Jake: Minnesota(+2.5) over Purdue, Notre Dame (+1.5) over Cincinnati, Penn State(-12.5) over IU, Boston College (+15.5) to cover against Clemson,


On the NFL side, here’s what they liked as we enter Week 4:

Kevin: Colts 23-17, Browns (-2.5) over Vikings, Cowboys (-4.5) over Panthers

Marc: Colts 24-20, Browns (-2.5) over Vikings, Ravens (-1) over Broncos, Buccaneers (-7) over Patriots

Jake: Colts 21-16, Texans (+16.5) to cover against Bills

Agree or disagree with the guys? Catch all the picks and predictions below!

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