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Explosive plays were nearly non-existent for the better part of the CFP National Championship Game at Lucas Oil Stadium. So much so, that we didn’t see a touchdown in the first half.

Wonder what the odds on that pregame would’ve been? No touchdowns in a half with SEC playmakers all over, plus the Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback for one side? Madness. But how would we have known that, right?

The joys of sports betting.

Anyway, we nearly had a first half touchdown. But guess who made sure it didn’t happen? Star Georgia defensive back Kelee Ringo. Not only did he ice away the game with the key fourth quarter pick-six off of Bryce Young, but he made a game changing tackle in the second quarter.

When this play happened, Kevin Bowen and I were flabbergasted at the speed shown by Ringo. This dude is 6’2” and 205 pounds. My man was moving like a cheetah.

What made this play so impacting though was the fact that Bama was forced to kick yet another field goal. Instead of 13-3, it was only 9-3. Georgia’s defense once again went back to the sideline with confidence, and then Stetson Bennett went and did his thing.

It doesn’t take much in any sporting event to change the waves of a game. The smallest inkling of momentum can completely flip a contest on its own head. That’s exactly what we saw from Ringo.

Now of course, that tackle didn’t actually *win* the game for the Bulldogs, but it sure as hell put them on the right track. Possession after possession, Georgia wanted it more.

What a quote, what a team, what a game.

Thank you Indy.

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