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Is Carson Wentz the guy moving forward?  That was Kevin Bowen’s biggest question heading into the 2021 Colts season.  Could Wentz prove that his final years in Philadelphia were a combination of bad luck and injuries and return to the version that had him in the MVP conversation before his injury?

It’s been a mixed bag this season to say the least.  Statistically he seems to be on the uptick.  He has the 10th most touchdowns (26) and 4th fewest interceptions (6) and his 3,378 passing yards rank 18th in the league.  Just looking at those numbers on the surface you’d say he’s on the right track.  But does he pass the eye test?  In games we’ve seen some very questionable decision making whether it’s his pension for hanging on to the ball too long or his “never say die” mentality that has seen him flick a 50/50 ball into the air mid-tackle hoping someone in the same colored jersey will catch it.  Sometimes they have and sometimes they haven’t.

Wentz seems to be the Colts starting quarterback for at least the near future.  His contract runs through 2024 season and the money he’s owed isn’t on the level of what guys like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen or Dak Prescott.  Even if the Colts did want to move on from him early they also have to take into consideration the amount of dead cap they’d have to swallow.  Frank Reich’s confidence in Wentz is another reason for his potential longevity on the team even if he struggles.  Reich is Wentz’s biggest backer, which has been made crystal clear given his persistence to GM Chris Ballard for the Colts to pursue a trade to land Wentz from the Eagles and for how glowing he speaks about him in front of the Hard Knocks cameras.

But has he earned an extension beyond his current deal?  Is he the best option for the Colts moving forward because he fits what they’re trying to do or is he the best option because the other options are not ideal?  It’s a debate Kevin Bowen and Jake Query debated feverishly on Thursday’s show and having completely opposite opinions on the matter.

There are so many factors that play into Wentz and his future with the Colts.  His play on the field, his health, relationship with Frank Reich but maybe the most important factor will be in a couple of weeks when the Colts likely find themselves in the playoffs.  If Jonathan Taylor is getting shut down by the opponent can Wentz put the offense on his back and lead the Colts to a playoff victory or two? Time will tell but there’s no debating that Wentz is the most polarizing quarterback in Indianapolis Colts history just 17 games into his career here in Indy.

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