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The betting line for this Sunday’s match-up between the Colts and Jaguars in Jacksonville opened up at -15.5 for the road team. A lot of points for sure, but are you banking on that?

Because there’s no way in hell that the Colts are losing to the Jags in Florida again, right?

No chance that Trevor Lawrence out-duels Carson Wentz, Jonathan Taylor has an off-day, the offensive line crumbles, the defensive backfield splits open, or Michael Badgley can’t hit a field goal, right?

On paper, everything looks like it’s sure-fire that the Colts are in the playoffs. Cue Jim Mora.

I won’t lie, this game freaks me out.

The Jaguars have nothing on Planet Earth to play for. Their head coach got fired in disgracefulness, star wide receiver D.J. Chark broke his ankle in the first month of the year, Lawrence for the first time in his life loses every week, and owner Shad Khan will once again hire a new coach.

Maybe Matt Eberflus apparently? That’s a different story.

Meanwhile, Frank Reich and the Colts have everything to lose. They have clawed their way back into the light with monstrous December wins from an extremely underwhelming August and September. Could it all come crashing down again in the Sunshine State?

The track record isn’t necessarily on their side.

Being a Cubs fan all my life, and before Theo Epstein came to town, watching games in September was a dreadful experience; Except when the leader of the NL Central came to town. Wrigley Field was packed and deafening. That’s because fans wanted them to play spoiler and ruin the Cardinals or Astros or Reds or Brewers chances at the postseason.

Now I have no idea how many fans will show up in Jacksonville this Sunday. Per ESPN’s website, tickets start at $14 dollars, a little different than the ticket prices going for Alabama vs Georgia at Lucas Oil Stadium right now.

Here’s to hoping that the Colts can cruise on Sunday. Don’t forget Jacksonville played a heck of a game in Indy earlier in the regular season. They’re going to be up for this one, the boys in blue better be too.

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