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Carson Wentz’s time as an Indianapolis Colt to date has not even stretched for a year. Yet he’s been through just about as loopy a roller coaster ride as anybody in the NFL in that time.

The weird and seemingly nasty divorce with the Philadelphia Eagles, reuniting alongside Frank Reich, a drama-filled training camp with foot fractures, COVID jumbling, and potential-filled practice sessions; It’s been a weird season to say the least.

There’s one thing for sure right now though. Chris Ballard made the right move, at the right time, for the right price. Is Wentz worth a first-round pick? You bet.

Wentz’s ability to be creative in the pocket and stay elusive is what defined him when he contended for an MVP. Slowly but surely, he’s creeping back towards that form. The goal now is to play that way every single week. The hiccups in the 1-4 start to the campaign were no doubt frustrating, but how can you not be happy with the recent output?

Sure Wentz doesn’t have the legend status of Peyton Manning, or the talent of Andrew Luck, or the wiseness of Philip Rivers.

Indy should still embrace him as their own. Because for one, he’s not going anywhere. Two, he can lead this team to the promise land.

Last year the big grip with Rivers was that he couldn’t move around; Everybody loved that he completed passes at a big clip, but he couldn’t throw it down field.

Now, Wentz is able to use his feet but the problem per the media and Twitter is consistency. If the Colts could’ve signed someone to solve every single problem at quarterback, they would need a combination of all the guys mentioned above.

That isn’t happening. Wentz is the solution for multiple avenues, and he continues to ball out.

It’s understandable that Colts fans are skeptical about this guy.

When you’ve had the quarterback pedigree that this organization has, and in the fact that they haven’t been able to find a viable replacement since 2018 for those guys, this city should play hard to get for their love.

Wentz has been and will continue to be the guy. And if he keeps making plays like we’ve seen versus New England and Arizona, there’s going to be a whole lot of smiles in that locker room time and time again.

Yes Twitter, Carson Wentz is good.

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