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The Colts and Patriots will renew their rivalry in front of a national audience on Saturday night.  Tom Brady may be gone and getting tipsy on some avocado tequila down in Tampa but Bill Belichick will still roam the sidelines in a tattered and way too big hoodie that looks worse than the one your ex-girlfriend stole from you in college.  Both teams are in the heart of the AFC playoff picture and a win would further solidify their place.  On Monday’s edition of Kevin & Query, Kevin made the proclamation that not only is this the biggest game in the rivalry to date but one of the biggest in Colts franchise history.

“I cannot think of a bigger regular season Colts game with playoff implications than this one.” – Kevin Bowen

While Jake Query wasn’t willing to go that far he did agree it was a huge game and one that has a lot of unknowns given it will be the first look the Colts get at Mac Jones and whether or not Belichick can take Jonathan Taylor away from the offense.  He also debated whether Patriots fans view the Colts as their biggest rivals.

“If you ask Colts fans, 99.9% will say the Patriots are their biggest rivals.  If you ask Patriots fans, the Colts would not be the top three answers.” – Jake Query

It will be interesting to see how things shake out on Saturday night as the Colts have lost the last eight games to New England and the percentages swing drastically in either direction depending on a win or loss.

“You combine the rivalry with the standings, it’s a 40% swing in playoff chances with a win or loss.  That is massive!” – Kevin Bowen

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