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TY Hilton returned for practice for the first time since his neck surgery that was performed before the season opener vs Seattle. The Colts hope that the return of Hilton will spark the Colts offense and bring Hilton’s strength of explosive passing plays.

The Voice of the Colts Matt Taylor joined JMV on Wednesday to explain the impact TY will have on Carson Wentz and the Colts offense when he is able to get back out on the field and play:

“Anytime you get a player like TY Hilton back it’s like adding a 1st round draft pick because he’s been that good, specifically great against the Texans over the years. He’s played 18 games all-time against them averaging 95 yards/game, over 17 yds a catch, 8 100-yard games, and 3 of his top 4 performances in his career have come against Houston. You’re starting to find your rhythm and the pieces are starting to click on offense and to get him back to help get you on a roll over the next 5 weeks and take advantage of a soft schedule would be huge.”

The Colts schedule softens considerably over the next 5 weeks. In weeks 1-5 the combined record of the Colts opponents is currently 14-11. Over the next 5 weeks the Colts opponents records combined is currently 7-18.