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Last week Carson Wentz did not practice Wednesday or Thursday, but made a miraculous appearance on Friday before playing on Sunday in Tennessee with two sprained ankles. The toughness of Wentz has been on full display this season considering he has gone through a foot surgery during the pre-season and is currently playing with two ankle sprains. During the opening segment of the Dan Dakich Show on Friday, Dan explained what he’s seen from Wentz.

“You don’t get to be an NFL quarterback from North Dakota by being a radio, TV, or newspaper guy. You do that by being tougher than hell, by being demanding on yourself, and by making a ton of sacrifices.”

Dating back to his days with the Philadelphia Eagles, Wentz played through a laundry list of injuries that includes a rib fracture, fractured vertebrae, and a concussion. Now it wasn’t until later in the show when Fan Morning Show host Kevin Bowen joined Dan and made the comparison of Wentz possibly being tougher than Luck.

“His toughness has blown me away. I thought at times was blown away from the toughness of Andrew Luck, but I kind of think Wentz has almost taken it to another level.”

Sunday will mark another opportunity for Carson Wentz to show Colts fans how tough he is by playing through two sprained ankles. To listen to the full show including Dan’s conversation with KB, follow the link below.

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