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We really thought the real musical chairs game that the Indianapolis Colts were playing was on the offensive line.

Boy were we wrong.

In what was truly a verbal meme, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero ruffled some feathers in Downtown Indy on Thursday.


Please tell me that saying that Brett Hundley is going to play against the Tennessee Titans is some kind of trojan horse for Carson Wentz being on the field.

Because I have two thoughts about this.

Number one – Hundley can’t play. He’s a nice guy to have in the locker room as your number three or four guy. But here’s the thing about the former UCLA Bruin; He got the scraps of any and all reps in training camp. The guy could have left practice every day, went to the Portillo’s that was being built down the street from Grand Park, waited for construction to be done, stood in the drive-thru, and then return to practice and nobody would have known he’s gone. The biggest thing I learned about Hundley during camp is that he uses the same hard count as Aaron Rodgers. He definitely doesn’t play like him though.

Number two – This is a really bad look for Jacob Eason. I get that Eason was never supposed to be “the guy” with being drafted in the fourth round. But people were losing their minds during camp about Eason’s arm. I always felt skeptical though and didn’t buy what we were hearing about him. And now if Eason isn’t going to play against the Titans, Chris Ballard and Frank Reich feel the same way. Hell, if Sam Ehlinger was healthy right now would he be the starter this week if Wentz can’t go?

Now before your head explodes over all of this, keep in mind that this is the most important early season AFC South match-up the Colts have faced in recent memory.

You’re telling me that you’ll be going to battle with Brett Hundley? Please.