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For the 1st time in the history of its series, HBO’s “Hard Knocks” will follow the Colts around in-season to give fans an inside look at the week to week of an NFL team.

On his show Friday, JMV shared some additional information for what fans should expect from the series set to debut in November:

“I was told that this is basically a glorified NFL films. I was also told that the Colts will have the final edit approval, which shocked me because I didn’t know that teams got that with Hard Knocks, maybe somewhat but not total final approval.”

JMV then gave his opinion on whether or not it’s a good thing for an NFL team to be on Hard Knocks considering the prior history of who is selected for the show:

“I just think that mostly if you want a well oiled organization, you want for the most part to be boring if you’re apart of this. Most of the time the story is told and the ones that are entertaining have a lot of bull crap that I know you as a fan don’t want to deal with. If everything is going well then it’s going to be viewed as boring. So other than being talked about every Wednesday on HBO starting November 17th, I don’t know what good comes of it.”

Colts fans seem to be split on whether or not this is a good thing for the organization, but everyone can agree that it will be interesting to tune in and get a better idea of how Frank Reich and the Colts coaching staff prepares for each game.