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We’re not going to throw the “must win” tag on the Indianapolis Colts in Week 2 of the NFL season.

Just not going to do it.

But if there was ever a time where we would ever entertain that notion, it’s probably this Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams.

Russell Wilson made the Colts defense look like they were the Washington Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters. And if Matthew Stafford is able to do the same, you’re not going to like what we’re about to tell you.

On The Fan Morning Show Thursday, Kevin Bowen and Marc Dykton was the co-host pair. The guys got to chatting about teams that lose the first two games of a season and how that effects their playoff hopes.

You probably could’ve guessed it, but things don’t usually turn out too well for 0-2 squads.

11 percent of 0-2 teams make the playoffs. That figure shoots up to 41 percent if a club is 1-1.

Yeah, that’s bad. But here’s the real issue.

In the last two years of the 26 total playoff teams, none of them started 0-2.

So yes, you can say that a win Sunday is imperative. And I get that it’s a 17 game season now. All previous numbers and statistics are from 16 game slates.

It doesn’t deter from the fact though that Frank Reich and co. can be in big trouble next Monday if they don’t tread lightly.

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