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On Wednesday’s edition of The Fan Morning Show with Kevin Bowen, KB and Mike Wells debated how much blame will go to Colts head coach Frank Reich if Carson Wentz fails on the field or misses time due to COVID protocols.  Mike Wells said it would take an 0-17 effort for Frank Reich to be on the hot seat but added that he will definitely be questioned if Wentz proves to be unreliable, whether it be due to injury or for COVID protocols.

If Carson Wentz misses three games and the Colts miss out on the playoffs then it will fall on Frank Reich because he handpicked Wentz.  You’re part of a team, your team depends on you.  We already saw what happened last week with Wentz, Pascal and Kelly….how the hell are you supposed to rely on him?

Kevin Bowen responded saying the biggest question the Colts must have an answer to by the end of the season is whether or not Wentz is the QB going forward.

Good or bad, you have to know the answer to that.  I really feel like had they known Justin Fields was going to fall out of the top-10, they would have drafted Fields and gone down that road. If Wentz doesn’t work out and you have to start the QB process again, that seat has to be warm.

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